Shelton Family Center was formed in January 2018 by concerned individuals who recognized youth in our community struggle to have a safe place to gather to receive positive direction and find services when in crisis.  In September 2018, we received our 501(c)(3) status and we began our after-school programs. ​

In 2018 we served students 12 to 19 years old at Shelton High School, Olympic Middle School, Oakland Bay Junior High, and Hood Canal Middle School’s after-school programs with 15 volunteers. With the school reconfiguration in 2019, we currently host programs serving Shelton High School and Oakland Bay Junior High.  This program was established with a partnership to specifically engage the at-risk, disengaged and homeless youth within the schools. 

The after-school program “The Connection Point” (TCP) welcomes and encourages all individuals to attend without judgment or discrimination. SFC serves 45 to 60 students weekly, of which at least 50% would identify as a special population of underserved high-risk youth.

In addition to our after-school program, we attend and engage students at lunchtime, on the day of the club, to encourage attendance and check-in with those who have not recently attended the club. As youth are engaged and build trust, they confide true-life situations, eviction notices, homelessness, unemployment, domestic violence. SFC refers and accompanies youth and families to Turning Point (the domestic violence shelter), Crossroads Housing, assisted with Juvenile Justice issues, and encouraged them to reach out to the McKinney-Vento liaison.

Community collaboration is essential to work through the youth homeless crisis. SFC will be the resource place for youth to identify and engage community agencies for services.

Working Together, We’ll shine!