We are all unique. Shelton Family Center understands that we are all on a journey of our own and how we work with others is filtered through each of our own perspectives. We seek to meet these core values:

Collaboration –

We seek to cooperatively partner with organizations. “Working together, We’ll Shine”

Growth –

Life is not a one-time event. We encourage growth and development through a process.

Holistic –

           The whole person matters. We seek to engage youth in a manner that recognizes that mental, physical, spiritual and social health are interconnected.

Integrity –

          We seek to build relationships based on honest, dependable, authentic, caring and supportive ways.  

Respect –

            We Interact without labeling or judging individuals on the basis of background, experiences, choices, and/or behaviors.

Safety –

           We are a safe place where people are empowered to reach their full potential.